ACL Band Aid

ACL injuries happen to the best of us, an unfortunate consequence of pushing your body to its limits.

yoga-381653_640However, you can reduce the risk of an ACL injury by strengthening your VMO. The vastus medialis oblique, the VMO, is one of four quadriceps muscles. If you flex your quads, you’ll notice a large tear-drop-shaped muscle toward the inner part of your thigh. That’s your VMO.

According to Ryan Flaherty, founder of Prolific Athletes (Carlsbad, California) and strength coach for elite athletes like Marcus Mariota, a strong VMO improves knee stability, especially during multi-directional movements. Flaherty's go-to exercise is Band Two-Way Touches. Although it doesn’t look like it strengthens a part of your quads—you’re probably accustomed to Leg Extensions—this move lights your VMO on fire. Prevent ACL Injuries With This Exercise:

Fellowship trained in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery at the renowned University of Connecticut College of Medicine, Dr. Stephan Yacoubian treats many sports and trauma related injuries. Dr. Yacoubian and specialized strength training make the perfect team for your muscles!