Chairing is Caring

Not only is Dr. Raymond Raven the Program Chair for the California Orthopaedic Association 2016 Annual Meeting, he's giving not one but two lectures to help share his valuable knowledge with his fellow Orthopaedic Surgeons. The Annual Meeting is the premier meeting for sharing scientific and practice management advances in orthopaedic surgery.

Dr. Raven's two lectures at the COA 2016 Annual Meeting include:
Lecture #1. Leveraging Information Technology to Organize Your Busy Life Professionally and Personally

Lecture #2. Web Presence Optimization: Making Yourself More Visible On the Internet:
 Leveraging social media
 Website hosting/components/costs/management
 Using Search Engines
Transparency, Consumerism and Quality: Maximizing Your Online Presence

Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 12.17.45 PMDr. Raven's responsibilities as Program Chair for the COA 2016 Annual Meeting include:
*The Scientific Program Chair is responsible for the educational and scientific program content of the Annual Meeting.

*The Chair works closely through the year with COA staff and the Scientific Program Committee to oversee the development and execution of the Annual Scientific Program.

*The Program Chair provides leadership for the Scientific Program Committee and its subcommittee chairs, whose qualifications and in-depth expertise lie in a variety of professional disciplines. Under the direction of the Chair, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that high quality scientific and clinical content is presented to Meeting attendees in an accessible and creative format.

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