Don’t wait to feel great!

Knee pain can keep you from enjoying your favorite activities like taking a walk, going to the movies and even playing with your grandchildren. OSS Burbank's Dr. Shahan Yacoubian has changed patients' lives by treating their knee pain effectively and with personal care.

Enjoy this great recovery story from Dr. Yacoubian's patient.

Dr-shahan-yacoubian"Due to osteoarthritis, my right knee progressively became worse to the point that I needed the aid of a cane to walk. My leg even became contracted!

The constant knee pain, not only also caused back pain, but was affecting my work and my life in general.

Three years ago, Dr Shahan Yacoubian gave me a new knee and straightened my leg. Six months after my knee replacement, my back pain went away. I have been pain free since then. I only regret that I waited so long to have the surgery!"

– Patient T.G.