Dr. Yuri Falkinstein on Managing Back Pain and Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

yuri-falkinstein-profile1Dr. Yuri Falkinstein from Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists will be giving a lecture on Saturday, January 25th to the Peri-operative Nurses Association (PANAC) on the topic of "Managing Back Pain and Minimally Invasive Treatment Options". This program is intended for perianesthesia nurses in the preop, PACU and Phase II areas where surgical patients are preparing for, or recovering from anesthesia or procedural sedation. At the conclusion of the program, attendees will be able to cite critical aspects in the care of this patient population.
Dr. Falkinstein specializes in complex disorders of the entire spine. His insight on back pain care will provide valuable information for the Peri-operative Nurses who work closely with the surgical patient, family members and other health-care professionals to help plan, implement and evaluate treatment.