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Football season is underway and so are the injuries that can keep your favorite player from the next game or possibly put them out the whole season. When the reports come in you'll know what's going on and what that injury means by following this handy guide to common football-related injuries.

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Football Injury #6 LISFRANC INJURIES
A serious foot injury that can be career-threatening because of its complexity. A Lisfranc sprain or fracture is an injury in the middle of the foot in which at least one (or sometimes, all) of the small bones (or metatarsals) is broken or the ligaments that support the foot in that area are torn. New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes needed a metal plate and two screws inserted into his foot after his joints separated in the middle of his foot in 2012 and was sidelined for nearly a year. Even a minor sprain not requiring surgical repair could take six to eight weeks to heal.

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