Gym Rush

weights-79587_640It's February, are you keeping up with your resolution to go to the gym this year? Is your gym packed with enthusiastic people exercising and all the gym equipment is booked solid when you walk in?



Here's an interesting article from The Foundry Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Blog about managing your gym time wisely while you wait.

History tells us that the annual gym blitz happens for about 6 weeks and by Valentine’s Day everyone has seemed to have met their goals/yearly fitness obligation.
In the meantime, these few weeks provide a great opportunity to work on stretching and mobility problem areas that are easy to ignore but will keep you healthy and moving well for the New Year. So while you wait for a machine, or just want to add a few things to your work out, here are a few basic movements with minimal equipment that can help with many of your lifting techniques.

Read the article and check out the basic movements that can help here: