Ham it up

Football season is underway and so are the injuries that can keep your favorite player from the next game or possibly put them out the whole season. When the reports come in you'll know what's going on and what that injury means by following this handy guide to common football-related injuries.

Check out the Fan guide: A look at common football injuries by DENNIS WASZAK Jr.

The hamstring is actually a group of four muscles that run along the back of the thigh, stretching from the hip to the knee and help a person bend their leg at the knee. These injuries vary in severity, and in turn, their timetable in sidelining a player.
A mild pull of one of the muscles, commonly referred to as a Grade I injury, can sideline a player for a few days to a couple of weeks and can be a lingering, nagging condition if not sufficiently rested and healed. A Grade II hamstring injury involves a partial tear, while a Grade III injury is a complete tear of the hamstring that could require surgery and is likely season-ending.

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