Happy Hips

Hip arthritis shouldn't stop you from moving. Make an appointment with your OSS Burbank Doctor to see what exercises are best for you and get moving with confidence!

Here are some options for arthritis hip exercise. Mix and match until you find the right combination:

physiotherapy-595529__180Strength exercises - In order to give your joints the support they need, you need to strengthen the bones and muscles surrounding the area. You need to add strength training to your arthritis hip exercise regimen. Doing simple weight exercises will start to give your bones the density they need to stand up. This arthritis hip exercise is easy to add to your routine with a few hand weights.

Click here for more arthritis hip exercises from You Have Options For Arthritis Hip Exercise By Kelly Everson: http://www.science20.com/everson/blog/you_have_options_for_arthritis_hip_exercise-166460