Have you been inspired by watching Wimbledon this year?

Inspired by the great weather or Wimbledon some people throw themselves into a big match when they haven't played a set all season. If you haven't prepared yourself and done little exercise in the winter and spring be aware of your limitations and don't overdo it until you get your core fitness back up.

Most shoulder pain issues are effectively treated conservatively with medications, splinting, bracing, injections, and therapy. But if surgical intervention is necessary, the sports medicine specialists and surgeons with Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists are experts in the latest minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Stephan Yacoubian and Dr. Raymond Raven, recognized board certified orthopedic surgeons and Sports Medicine specialists, use the most up-to-date clinical skills, diagnostic tools, and treatment techniques to care for the shoulder and its associated structures.  Make an appointment today to be sure your serve is ready this summer!