Football season is underway and so are the injuries that can keep your favorite player from the next game or possibly put them out the whole season. When the reports come in you'll know what's going on and what that injury means by following this handy guide to common football-related injuries.

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Football Injury #5 HIP POINTER
It doesn't sound particularly menacing, but could sideline a player for a week or a couple of months, depending on the severity. It is basically bruising in the pelvis and abdomen area, usually caused by blunt force - such as a hard tackle. The bleeding can affect several other muscles in the area, making it difficult for a person to run or even walk.
"Part of the blood is hemoglobin, and hemoglobin includes iron and the iron portion of that when it's in the connective tissue or the bone is very irritating," Mayer said. "To a certain extent, that's where the pain comes from."

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