Men are the new target

Men Are New Target for Osteoporosis Treatment
Pilot program pushes routine testing for the bone-wasting disease, which strikes as many as one in four men.
By DANA WECHSLER LINDEN, The Wall Street Journal
Photo: Lee Torres
Robert Spezzano, 54, of Washington, D.C., fell off his bicycle in the fall, breaking his wrist and elbow. When a test showed he had osteoporosis, Mr. Spezzano says he was “blown away. You just think it’s a woman’s disease.”

Bone-health experts are making a new push to reduce rates of osteoporosis, with a particular focus on controlling the bone-wasting disease in men.

An important goal is to get greater numbers of men to be tested for osteoporosis when they come to a hospital or clinic with a fracture to the wrist, vertebrae or other bones that wasn’t from a major accident or trauma. Doctors call this a fragility fracture—one that results from a decrease in bone density.
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