My Hero!


I am 63 years old as of 2015. Ive been building sets for tv and movies for over 40 years. I've put my back thru the ringer. Retired as of 2013 due to a failed surgery by another doctor in January 2013 and again a year later in 2014. The previous doctor said he performed a laminectomy and said I would be fine. Each time, I gave him the opportunity to fix my bulging disc, stupid me, what was I thinking? I was still hurting. Each time I had an MRI and each time he said: "You still have a bulge there". I was hoping to get back to work after some time off to heal. That was not to be.

I found another doctor, he said he could reduce my pain by 80% and fuse L3-L4-L5. October 2014, the new doctor did his thing. 7 months later I was 80% WORSE. Now using a walker, I was discharged by the second doctor after 8 months and he told me after looking at my MRI that there was nothing more he could do for me, after noticing on the MRI that NOW L2-L3 discs were bulging due to the fusion. Over the next year or so, I went to see 10-15 different back [specialist]. I could not find 3 doctors that could agree on the same problem or solution even though they have the MRI and the MRI report and they all see something different. Looking at the MRI was like looking at that ink splat Rorschach test. Forget about the report...It very frustrating to say the least.

Then it was recommended to go see Dr. Yuri Falkinstein. From the first time I saw him, he always suggested to get a Bilateral Laminotomy and a Microdiscectomy. I still went and saw other doctors to get other opinions. Talking to two fellow workers about my condition they told me they saw Dr. Falkinstein and they were doing much better after he had done back and/or neck surgeries on them. I went back to Dr. Falkinstein and I liked what he had to say. The day after we talked, his scheduler, Barbara had e-mailed me my Pre-op date, my surgery date, and my Post-op appointments, OUTSTANDING, she was wonderful. That has never happened before. With my previous surgeries. I had to plan my pre-op and post-op appointments once I had the surgery date. Many times Dr. Falkinstein asked me: "How can you even walk with that big of an impingement?" I said: "I'm not walking, I'm pushing and leaning on a walker and always in pain, 24/7."

Dr. Falkinstein performed a bi-lateral laminotomy and a microdiscectomy on March 2, 2016. I went home the same day. That never happened before either. Now the bulging disc was gone and not pressing down on my spinal cord. I was feeling a little better. The next day after surgery a nurse came to my home to check up on me and the next day after that a physical therapist came by to get me going again. They both came by 3 times a week for 5 weeks. This also was never offered before or I was not informed it was available from the other incompetent doctors before Dr. Falkinstein.

Dr Yuri Falkinstein and HIS Staff are the absolute BEST I've ever seen over my lifetime! They are all very professional and they had a genuine concern for your health and happiness. I have also never experienced that before.

I've been thru HELL these past 3+ years and for the past year I have been unable to lay flat on my back or on my side. I've been living in my recliner since April 2015. March 2, 2016 was my surgery and today April 15 was the 3rd day in a row I was able to wake up after spending all night in my own bed along side my wife who has been so supportive during these trying times.

If it was not for Dr. Yuri Falkinstein and his Staff, I would not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I may never be 100% again, (I got it), but believe me, I am a hell of a lot better than I was on March 1 this year, the day before my surgery by Dr Falkinstein. After being on my butt for 3 years since my first and second failed surgery and in my recliner this past year, my muscles have Atrophied a bit in my legs. I no longer need my walker in the home. I walk around the house with a little bit of muscle pain,( it's only been 6 weeks) without my cane. I only use the cane when we leave the house.

I strongly recommend to everybody to get as many doctor opinions as possible that agree on the SAME problem and SIMILAR solutions. DO NOT take just one opinion to the bank. That was my mistake. I was way to trusting and naive. I never would have imagined that there would be so many different opinions on the same issue even with the MRI in their face. BE CAREFUL, shop around. But you can cut your shopping days way down by going to see Dr. Yuri Falkinstein FIRST.

This Doctor is either blessed with a gift to help others or he really paid attention when he went to school. Yea your right, probably BOTH. Dr. Falkinstein is MY HERO....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ........

-Patient J.H.