Sprain in your step

Football season is underway and so are the injuries that can keep your favorite player from the next game or possibly put them out the whole season. When the reports come in you'll know what's going on and what that injury means by following this handy guide to common football-related injuries.

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Football Injury #4 HIGH ANKLE SPRAIN
These can stop players in their tracks. In a high ankle sprain, the ligaments above the ankle - which connect the tibia to the fibula - are affected rather than the ligaments outside the ankle in a low ankle sprain. High ankle sprains make up only about 15 percent of all ankle sprains in the general population, according to Mayer, but comprise closer to 20-25 percent of ankle sprains in the NFL due to the high-energy rotational forces involved. They're far more serious and take much longer to recover from - six to eight weeks, and sometimes longer - than a classic ankle sprain, which might sideline a player for several days to two weeks.

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