Stephan V. Yacoubian, M.D.

Patient Stories

Shoulder Surgery

On March 25th, I had an arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder with Dr. Stephan. I am a regular patient of OSS Burbank having had bilateral hip replacements with Dr. Shahan and neck surgery with Dr. Yuri, so I was quite happy with the exceptional care that I received from you.
I want to thank you for the positive experience and extraordinary care you provided me. You are by far the most exceptional surgeon I have ever met.
You provided me thorough explanations and you were kind and attentive.
I cannot thank enough your wonderful and supportive staff for answering all of my questions and making the entire process very easy.
From my initial consultation to being wheeled out to go home, I was at ease. My sincere thanks to everyone who literally hold my hand each step of the way.
Thank you Dr. Stephan! - Patient, 3/2016

Surgery Recovery

"The secret to my awesome recovery is a doctor like you, who is simply one of the best in the world, and your kindness and expertise are out of this world, excellent!
Thank you for being my surgeon!" - Patient, 2/2015

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Total Reverse Replacement Shoulder Surgery

"I had an accident 10 years ago that left me with a broken left humerus and a torn rotator cuff that was not repairable.

After several surgeries to put a plate in to heal the fracture, a latissimus dorsi transfer surgery was performed to act as my new rotator cuff. The surgery was not very successful. I had pain in the shoulder and could not lift the arm above my waist.

10 years later I met with Dr. Stephan Yacoubian, as I could not stand the pain any longer. After X-Rays were taken, he informed me that the shoulder joint was bone on bone and looked like a square trying to fit in a circle! That's how bad the shoulder joint had become.

Dr. Yacoubian explained that there was a surgery called Total Reverse Replacement Shoulder Surgery. He said that by changing Mother Nature's position on the ball and socket, and by inverting them, my deltoid muscles would be able to lift my arm again.

Of course, after 10 years of pain and seven surgeries on the shoulder, I had my doubts. I wanted to know how high I would be able to lift my arm. Dr. Yacoubian told me that I would get between 60% and 90% of my arm movement over my head, depending on how hard I worked in physical therapy.

Surgery was performed by Dr. Yacoubian, and I spent a few days in the hospital getting used to a immobilizer sling that I would wear for two months. I was released from the hospital, and I have to be honest, had some painful days for awhile.

I started physical therapy with a shoulder PT with 35 years of experience. I worked with him two days each week from September until March 4th.

I saw Dr. Yacoubian on March 9th. X-Rays were taken and I had my chance to show him how high I could lift my arm up now, I even asked him for a percentage. He said, "Don, I think you are at 85%.” I experience no pain, unless I overdue physical therapy or jobs around the house like lifting things, washing carpets, cleaning bathroom walls or washing and waxing my car. You get the picture. I've always worked very hard, and it's difficult to scale back. But when I listen to the physical therapist, Dr. Yacoubian, and my lovely wife, Rosie, I am a man with a healthy, pain-free shoulder.

I owe this to Dr. Yacoubian. I can only imagine what he must have thought after the first incision was made and he realized what a difficult time he would have over the next few hours fixing what was left of my shoulder.

I owe Dr. Yacoubian a debt of thanks. He is a wonderful doctor, and if you are experiencing pain and have doubts about the outcome after surgery, trust Dr. Yacoubian to make you better off than you are currently." -A Grateful Patient D. G.

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

A Total Knee Replacement

I had to write about my experience with you and your support team in regards to my recent knee replacement surgery. Dr. Rose at the Toluca Lake Health Center had suggested I consult with you in regards to this surgery and I am so glad that he did!

I am writing this letter with a great big smile on my face ! ! ! What wonderful results after less than 3 months....

The knee replacement pre-operation coordination, which started with your interview was informative and you answered all my questions regarding parts used, how long, steps in the operation itself and post surgery questions. Missy Rivas, Surgery Coordinator, filled in any blanks that I had. She was professional, informative and to say the least a tremendous help in giving me the proper forms and leading me in the right direction. Making this process easy was key for me, as I had taken too much time in making the decision to have this surgery. I really needed it to go this smoothly and with support and her fantastic smile! Missy Rivas fulfilled all my needs.

Missy introduced me to Lupe, who helped in the insurance matters, that also went so smoothly in spite of my constant calls to her. Thanks for returning each and every one as well.

Moving on to the surgery and post-op recovery at St. Joseph's, which was fantastic. Your extended staff of nurses, physical therapists and ARMAN were so professional and courteous and accepting of ALL MY NEEDS. Thank You Justin Cahn for all the supervision.

The Catholic Nuns at Providence St. Joseph's were the icing on the cake. How nice of them and Louise Skosey, Development Officer, to drop in from time to time.

I want to hug and thank you, and your whole team from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head..... - HAPPY KNEE YEAR ! Patient W. U.

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Plantar Fasciitis

I have been a patient of Dr. Steven Yacoubian since 2012, when I had plantar fasciitis from running and exercising everyday. The pain was unbearable, and I had tried everything to no avail to help ease the pain. I visited Dr. Yacoubian and he suggested some exercises and within a few weeks, I was back to running. In February 2013, during a boxing class, I twisted my ankle and tore some ligaments and chipped a cartilage. It was very devastating because I was getting ready for a half marathon race. I went back to Dr. Yacoubian because I knew he could take care of my injury. After wearing a soft cast and following his recommendations, I was back to boxing wearing a cast in a week. With Dr. Yacoubian’s expert care, I was able to run a half marathon in December and set a personal record. Dr. Yacoubian is am amazing resource for any athlete. Dr. Yacoubian is very professional, caring and knowledgeable in his field and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon. - Patient S.B.

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Knee Replacement

I am 64 years old and recently had a complete knee replacement performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian. I highly recommend Dr. Stephan Yacoubian and his team which I believe to be responsible for the great success that I have had thus far. Three weeks post surgery I am walking without assistance (10 to 15 minutes per day), using an exercise bike (10 minutes per day) and completing my exercises without too much discomfort.

This is my second knee replacement surgery and this one has been much easier and more successful. The first surgery I had was in Reno. Due to the poor experience, I did a lot research before I decided to use Dr. Stephan Yacoubian. I made five different inquiries from different medical professionals and four of them recommended the Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists Group or specifically Dr. Stephan Yacoubian.

At my first appointment I was impressed with the office's efficiency. I only waited 10 minutes before being called into the examination room and the Doctor appeared 5 minutes later. After many visits, this turned out to be the norm which is extremely appreciative.

During my first visit we discussed cortisone injections which were administered and provided approximately six months relief. Later we discussed viscous injections and they provided about three months relief. During the treatment process the Doctor leaves you in control of the process while providing guidance (it was what I would term as a soft sale) for the knee replacement.

After I decided that it was time for the knee replacement, I was introduced to his surgical coordinator Missy Rivas who was wonderful. Within three weeks, the surgery was scheduled and performed. Missy assisted with all of the necessary signatures and appointments needed to make sure there were no unnecessary delays. The surgery was performed at Providence St Joseph's Hospital. The same day I was up and walking with crutches. The most impressive thing to me was the coordination between the hospital staff and Dr. Yacoubian. He instructs the staff as to what he wants done for his patients and due to the success that other patients of Dr. Yacoubian have had, the hospital staff is completely on board with his methods. –Patient C.M.

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

I have been going to Dr. Stephan Yacoubian for many years and have found him to be an excellent Doctor and Surgeon. He has also had to deal with many areas including my left shoulder and bursitis in both sides of my thighs. He is very kind and considerate of my problems and does try other methods before surgery to take care of the pain. I feel very confident of his knowledge and explanations of my problems. He is truly an exceptional man. I do feel privileged to be one of his patients. –Patient E.F.

-Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery & Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Before Dr. Steven Yacoubian, my shoulder and knee were a mess. They would dislocate at the drop of a hat. I had previous surgeries with another doctor who had completely just messed everything up. From the moment I walked into the (OSS ) office until the day Dr. Yacoubian told me I do not have to come back, I knew he was doing everything he could to help and correct all the damage. It was hard being in high school and an athlete and having so much change and so many limitations. I still do have limitations, but without Dr. Yacoubian, I know I would be in much worse shape. I want to say thank you to everything that you have done to help me. I do not know what my shoulder and knee would be like today if I did not go to you. - Patient A.P.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Words will never express my extreme gratitude to Dr. Stephan Yacoubian for saving my right arm/shoulder. I had two previous surgeries that failed from a different surgeon and Dr. Yacoubian stepped in and with his knowledge and expertise knew exactly what was wrong with my shoulder. His care and compassion are insurmountable. He saved my right shoulder! He was also instrumental in getting me into a rehabilitation center to help me learn how to use my arm again. I am right arm dominant and this was extremely important, as I couldn't feed myself, dress myself etc... His staff is also a wonder to work with, they are kind and caring. I am a very fortunate lady. Thank you Dr. Steve. I highly recommend you!- Patient C.P.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Arthroscopic Medical Meniscus Surgery to the Right and Left Knees

Having been in the medical field for over 20 years in private practice, academia, and the US Air Force, I can unequivocally state that Dr. Stephen Yacoubian is by far the BEST surgeon I have ever had the pleasure to know. It is quite evident that Dr. Yacoubian's skills and abilities place him at the top of his profession; but equally important is his quiet confidence and reassuring personality. As you can imagine the nature of my practice requires me to be flexible and mobile to treat my own patients. Dr. Yacoubian got me back to my office treating patients very quickly and with minimal discomfort. God Forbid I ever have any additional injuries but in the event I do, Dr. Stephen Yacoubian and the OSS team will be my first and only source for treatment. I cannot recommend Dr. Yacoubian and the OSS highly enough. THANK YOU DR. STEVE! - Patient R.N.

- Performed by Dr. Steve Yacoubian

Knee Replacement

After years of pain and finally with the consult of my retired orthopedic surgeon, I agreed to have knee replacement. Dr. Stephan Yacoubian suggested I have the operation one knee at a time. I agreed. My first surgery was a year ago and the second one only three months. Wow! What a change. I am as happy as can be - Recently I walked 2 miles with my new knees, I swim 1 1/2 hours every other day at the YMCA. No more pain and I have started wearing 2 inch heels- All this thanks to my doctors, Drs. Stephan Yacoubian and Shahan Yacoubian. They are great. My only regrets, "Why didn't I have the surgery sooner". - Patient M.N.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian and Dr. Shahan Yacoubian

Treatment for Ankle Fracture

"This letter may strike you as a bit formal, but I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude in writing, with respect to the care I received at Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists. Not only was my injury (ankle fracture) diagnosed and treated, but it was done so in the most caring and professional of manners imaginable. Dr. Raven, after having talked to you, I now know that my experience with you and with Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists is not an isolated incident. In an era when the medical profession is unfairly maligned, you and your partners are proof that the oath medical doctors take is not a "necessary evil" in pursuit of monetary gain as many inaccurately assume, but a code by which a doctor lives his life. My family and I thank you with the utmost gratitude, and are forever in your debt." – Patient K.G.

- Performed by Drs. Raymond Raven & Stephan Yacoubian

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your kindness. It is good to know that there are still people like you in the world. Your compassion and generosity has made this experience (knee ligament tear) a lot easier to deal with for me. Thanks for everything." – Patient A.B

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Severe Ankle Laceration

"It was a year ago that I tore off my foot and you kindly put it back on. I wanted you to know that I am doing great and I will be forever grateful. Also thanks to Maggie and Armen for taking such good care of me during my recovery. Much love." - Patient Y.T.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Repair of Lacerations

"How kind of you to come into the office on Saturday to stitch up our son after a sports biking accident. I know how precious your time is with your family and you willingly took your time to help him. We appreciate it so much! He looks like he is brand new again!" – Patient G.S.R.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Minimally Invasive Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

"How pleased I am to thank you for repairing my left knee. The first time another doctor repaired the knee about 24 years ago. It feels much better after the surgery you did for me and I appreciate you very much. I am a very satisfied patient." – Patient R.D.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Total Knee Replacement

"Dear Dr. Steve Yacoubian and Staff, Just a note to thank you for your skill, care and guidance that allowed my husband to be pain free, and even better, to sing in the shower again." – Wife of Patient B.P.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian

Community Service

"I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks on behalf of myself, and our studio for your participation in our "Ask the Expert" event. We had a wonderful response to your visit and greatly appreciate the time you spent with us. I look forward to discussing the possibility of repeat visits to provide our employees with continuing education in the area of sports medicine. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to working you again in the future." – Executive at Movie Studio

- Dr. Stephan Yacoubian delivered a lecture on sports medicine

Minimally Invasive Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery / Rotator Cuff Repair

"I was injured in a fall in my home in November of last year. This required surgery on my left shoulder to set the bone with screws. Dr. Stephan V. Yacoubian performed the surgery without incident and monitored my follow-up in an extremely professional manner. He was always available and worked hard to make sure that everything progressed as should be expected. He and his staff were excellent to work with." – Patient S.D.

- Performed by Dr. Stephan Yacoubian