Taking Steps To Strengthen Your Bones

Simply taking steps during a brisk walk can improve your bone density. Walking is considered a weight-bearing exercise which focuses on putting your spine, hips, and lower body to work. Your bones respond to the work your body does by absorbing extra minerals in order to support your efforts. In recent studies, walking can reduce hip fractures by up to 40%. It has also been shown that individuals who briskly walk on a regular basis have bones that are 10% thicker than people who do little to no walking for exercise.

The keys to brisk walking include:

Walk on a regular basis: A good goal is to walk 3 to 4 hours per week.

Walk at a brisk pace: This can improve heart health and increase the calories you burn.

Walk with added weight: You can use ankle weights, or hand weights, or a weighted vest.

Walk with poles: This helps the walker activate their spinal muscles, as well as feel more secure.

Incorporating walking into your life may not sound like much, but it can improve your bone density and overall health.