Wearable Neuromuscular Device Reduced ACL Injury Risk In Female Soccer Players

Research has found that female soccer athletes who trained with a wearable neuromuscular device experienced improved postural control without limiting performance and had a reduced ACL injury risk. Participants who trained with this device, that applied bilateral, topical pressure to the medial quadriceps and hamstrings muscles, not only reduced injury but improved in speed, power, and endurance. Read more about this fascinating study at Healio.com: http://www.healio.com/orthopedics/sports-medicine/news/print/orthopedics-today/%7Bc23e0bb8-9c12-4481-94da-57fedc6e5286%7D/wearable-neuromuscular-device-reduced-acl-injury-risk-in-female-soccer-players