Wrist Relief

Wrist Relief: 6 Poses for RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury)
By Marla Apt/Yoga International
Our hands are one of our primary organs of action—we use them for basic survival, recreation, communication, even creative expression. An injury in the hand or wrist can be debilitating and the healing process elusive. Because many of our interactions with modern conveniences involve repetitive movements—such as typing, texting, or mousing—one of the most prevalent types of wrist ailment today is a repetitive strain/stress injury, or RSI. Many common wrist conditions, such as carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis of the wrist, fall under this category.
If you have carpel tunnel, tendonitis, or other forms of RSI, these poses will stabilize your shoulders and upper back and relieve pain in your wrists.

Read about the helpful poses here: https://yogainternational.com/article/view/wrist-relief-6-poses-for-rsi-repetitive-stress-injury

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